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Hello George,

Unfortunately we’re pretty helpless when someone like Norton decides to flag our web page.

Here’s how it works as far as I understand it:

1 -Someone, for whatever reason, perhaps because they do not understand or because they just like to be annoying, or because they are misunderstanding something flags our page in their Norton program.

2- Norton accepts this at face value and simply blocks the page, without verifying the information and without taking any form of responsiblity for their actions.

So, that’s what you’re paying for with Norton ;-)

The fact of the matter is as follows:

There is nothing even remotely harmful available at . Full stop. Period. It is a false alert, and it keeps popping up, and every time we report it and then it comes back.

For what it’s worth, you have all you need both to access the password manager and AxCrypt from the site, which so far has not been flagged.

As for the ‘uninstall’ thing with AxCrypt 2 – this is now done in the Windows standard way, from the Control Panel.

The other URL’s are a leftover.  It was the intention that the new installer should remove these, but perhaps you were using a *really* old version of AxCrypt before that?

The easiest way to get rid of the stuff that did not uninstall properly is to delete it. Or, you can reinstall the old version, and then actually uninstall it.

Installer technology is really hard to get really right, especially uninstallation of old versions. Sorry for the inconvenience!