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Hello Steve!

Thanks for the feedback, but did have you read the blog post at ? It goes into some detail about this issue.

Please understand that we’re not advocating re-use of password in different systems, like different web sites.

We’re saying you should not use different passwords within the same system, in this case AxCrypt. Because it does not add any security, it can only reduce it! The way AxCrypt is made, you can always use the strongest password for all your data. There is absolutely no need for ‘weaker’ passwords, for not-so-secret data (whatever that is).

To share encrypted files with others, you should not be using different passwords either! They are hard to distribute and keep track of. Just use the Key Sharing function in AxCrypt which makes advanced public key based cryptography available to anyone by just entering the recipients email address.

Finally, yes – it’s always been the AxCrypt philosophy to choose for the user! We really think we can do a better job of this then all except an incredibly small minority of users. AxCrypt 1 also makes a lot of choices for the user.