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Hello David,

Happy it all works out for you – but I would not recommend the offline mode. Among other things you’ll not be notified of software updates, for example the one coming soon which will address this particular situation ;-) I’d use it as a last resort should this happen again. Also, you will actually have to reconnect every now and then to refresh your Premium subscription information. (This makes sense even in the out-of-business scenario, since most of the Premium functionality is server based and thus connected to our staying in business). And, barring catastrophic accidents, should we go out of business it’s likely that my last action will be to publish a version that is permanently ‘Premium’ as far as the offline features are concerned.

For what it’s worth – this is the first even partial server outage we’ve had. It’s not a common thing.

We’ll have to be more clear about the Premium information. You are *never* required to upgrade to Premium to access your information. We will *not* hold our data ‘hostage’ like that. That’s not playing nice, and we like to be nice guys and gals!