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Thiago (tmzani)

Hello Svante,

I have just upgraded to the latest version (74) but problem is still there.

high cpu

At least, I have found a way to stop Axcrypt from entering on a dead lock (race condition). Here is the full description:


– I have two text files (static) that is opened by the beginning of the day;

– At least 4 different spreadsheets that are dynamically updated throughout the day;


1) Open the text files — nothing wrong;

2) Start opening the spreadsheets. Looks fine until I’ve reached around 4 opened spreadsheets. Axcrypt enters a loop by continuously opening FileSystemState.txt and all files that are tracked within “Recent Files”;

3) At this point, it loses track of most of the files (including the text files) and hits 50% of CPU;

Mitigation procedures:

– Sign off immediately after opening a new file (best to terminate the application entirely). Do not keep Axcrypt opened until you have saved and closed all files.

Anyway, it looks like AxCrypt is not dealing correctly with exclusive locks that could be in place in the tracked files. It is happening all the time, including on two different machines (both running Windows 10).

Hope that the description above will provide you with an additional information while trying to find the bug.