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Hi Paul,

Thanks for posting. I’m not really sure what has happened, but obviously there’s a misunderstanding somewhere.

AxCrypt will *never* fully automatically encrypt a file, so there’s more to the story here. If you create a file in a ‘Secured Folder’ of which there’s a default ‘My AxCrypt’, it will be encrypted when you click the broom icon, exit AxCrypt or sign out (manually or automatically). Otherwise, you’ll have to ask for the file to be encrypted.

The password used for all encryption is your sign in password. (There’s more to this story as well, but that’s the simple answer).

What I think happened thereafter is actually a bug, thank you for that! You probably used the “Remove from list but keep file secured” when the file was in fact opened by an application in it’s decrypted state. That option should be disabled in this situation.

Something like this:

Stop securing when open

We’ll fix this asap. I’ve opened an issue for this bug here: .

If you send me your email to, I’ll be happy to give you an addition month of Premium Trial – we do that when users report new significant bugs to us as a small token of our appreciation.