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Hello Paul,

Well… Since I wrote the code, I know what it can and can’t do and AxCrypt cannot encrypt a file just becuase it’s there. It may encrypt it as a result of several conditions beeing met. In your case, if it was created in the ‘My AxCrypt’, it’ll be encrypted with AxCrypt exists, the screen saver goes active, or you click the red broom icon for example.

Yes “Stop securing and remove from list”, it’s a bug. It should not be available as an option when the file is open.

The Secured Folders option is enabled automatically for the “My AxCrypt” folder, if you did not place your file there then it was encrypted by a manual action by you.

The recent files information is simply just that – files that you have recently opened (or dragged and dropped to AxCrypt). The actual storage is a text file in %localappdata%\AxCrypt – FileSystemState.txt . You can open it up with Notepad and see exactly what it contains.

No, we do not look in Windows recent files list. There is no auto encryption, except as mentioned above for Secured Folders.

If you can try to reproduce the chain of events it would be great, since there’s obviously something we can make more clear here to avoid misunderstandings in the future.