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Curt Woodard

I have to agree with those here. Forcing a single password on users is bad practice.

I’ll get a redownload of Axcrypt 1 and actively tell people to not use Axcrypt 2 due to it’s lack of security. If *ANYONE* finds out your single password, ALL of your data is screwed. That is just plain stupid on so many levels.

When working with multiple clients at multiple security levels, different passwords are a must. While using keys for sharing is an OK practice (like PGP-style public/private keys) it makes it STRONGER, not weaker, to do this with different passwords.

Anyway, requiring us to log in with a registered email address is also rather silly. If you are in a hardened environment and cannot register an email address, you can’t use this tool. Better to use version 1 or to move from Axcrypt enirely.

Since you’re not updating version 1 anymore, you won’t hear anything from me again in the future. I am going to ensure that any and all clients, friends, and relatives stay away from Axcrypt 2 going forward. It’s useless software at this point.