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I am also unhappy with version 2 and agree with all the complaints made here so far and add more.

Many like me have used the v1.x for many years because it meets our needs HOW WE LIKE and HOW WE NEED: a practical, simple, objective and FREE.

For this and with this philosophy v1 was created, it achieved its goal and its philosophy was the reason for its success: The author had a personal problem that it’s also the problem of many others in the world and shared as DonationWare Open Soure! It was a success!

The change in v2 philosophy is evident and is the cause of our conflicts of interest, the priority is the generation of financial resources and our needs and desires continue to be met provided they do not conflict with its priority, that is, our desires and need were into the background. It is perfectly understandable that the author does not want to take it publicly and he want to generate financial resources with their work and it is perfectly understandable that v1 users do not like the v2, for lack of a better option, the user only tolerates v2.

Assume a fixed cost (payment) for an indefinite time for something not essential to life as the protection of our files is only good for those who receive. The v2 philosophy it is to make the user a hostage where extracted resources as long as possible, that is why the author needs of the user’s e-mail and ONE PASSWORD. Imagine the difficulty of managing many users with endless passwords each.

Also, charge on v2 free v1 resources generates dissatisfactions.

Also, after encrypting, the file opens without asking password, and the need to click on the submenu “exit” (or logout) for it to return to request password exposes our security and also generates dissatisfactions.

Also, generate history of encrypted files, even if the history is secure and I can erase I do not like it.

The v2 is not for my use, it does not cater me, it does not satisfy me, so does not interest me and as the v1 will no longer support I will use it only to find another SW to replace it. I’m already looking.

I’m sure most will do like me without even bothering to come here to manifest.

Anyway, thanks for v1!