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Hello Caroline,

Concerning the password issue, with AxCrypt 2 you only need to enter the password once, per session. It’s by design. AxCrypt will sign out automatically when your screen saver goes active etc. Svante  wrote a blog post about some common concerns here:

For the easy key sharing feature, you don’t have to share your password. To share a file key without sharing password, go through the following steps:


•   Choose an encrypted file ;

•   Press the icon « + » on the software ;

•   Select the team member you want to share it to, with his email address.

•   Send the team member the encrypted file. The person will be able to decrypt it, without password.

Note that the person you’re sending the file has to use AxCrypt 2 with the email address you shared the file.

See our YouTube tutorial about Key sharing here:

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