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Hi Disappointed,

Thanks for taking the time to discuss these issues.

We do take peoples comments and views very seriously, but we can’t make everyone happy, and especially not ‘now’ – we’re still short of resources. As mentioned, we’ve already done a lot of modifications based on user feedback.

As for the self-executable issue, as a result of this and other similar discussions we’re not considering a twist on that which goes like this:

Select any number of encrypted files, and then do “zip and include AxCrypt” (final name not decided;-).

What happens is we take the encrypted files, add the standalone AxCrypt, and zip them to a single archive that can then be stored or emailed or whatever.

Some mail servers will still block it, because there’s an executable inside the zip, but it’s just as convenient for the sender and the receiver and has the added bonus of handling multiple files.

It’s not implemented yet, and we may need to hash it out a bit more, but it’s one way forward to offer equivalent functionality within the current framework.

As for PGP being around 25+ years, that is true, but AxCrypt has been around for 15+ years as open source- that’s not too bad either! Also, that’s PGP. GnuPG is ‘only’ about 19 years old.