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Hi Frank,

Here’s the thing – you downloaded “AxCrypt standalone” – the install-free version. Now, if it could do everything an installed version can, why do we need it?

Well, that’s just what the installed version does – it adds two major things to the standalone version:

1) Double-click to open encrypted files

2) Right-click in Windows Explorer to access AxCrypt.

That’s essentially what the installation procedure does – set a number of Windows Registry settings so those functions work.

The standalone version is, well, standalone. That’s why you have to work from the “Recent Files” view with that version.

If you’d like to get back the “double-click to to open support”, do get the installer and install it.

What’s to keep someone from opening AxCrypt and viewing the file? Your password. AxCrypt is engineered around the fact that nothing needs to be secret except that password. Not the encrypted file contents, not the software, not the algorithms, not even the source code. Just the password.

AxCrypt does stay “signed in” for convenience while you are signed in to Windows. For more information about that, please read .