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Hi Zen,

Lots of people have given us really valuable feedback on the new version, and we’ve improved a lot of things as a result. Some things have to change some time though, one of the problems of course is that AxCrypt didn’t really change at all in 15 years. So any change is hard to make. But we really do have to make some changes.

All that being said, we’re continuously looking into ways of keeping the core values we want with version 2, and adapting to user feedback. Asking for an email address will probably remain for some time, although I do not at all exclude the possibility of releasing a version in the future which is entirely free of this requirement.

And really – you can use a disposable email if you want. We do not block them. I use for similar purposes.

The key thing is that we really believe that in the future, even if you don’t want to share encrypted data with someone else, someone else may want to do so with you. The connection to your AxCrypt ID (account/email) makes this very easy to do, and this is one of the really big changes in AxCrypt 2 where we want to go beyond private personal encryption.

Once again, thanks for your input!