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I downloaded and installed the standalone version which is recommended by you for allowing the same idea as self-decrypting files. The first thing it does after running is ask for an email address. Cancelling this causes the program to close. So, essentially, there is no way for me to archive my files with Axcrypt, even when including the standalone program included with my files, because there is no way to run the standalone without providing an email address and how can I know that five years from now this system will work? I don’t see how the standalone has any benefit over the regular version other than it probably has less features (I don’t know, since I can’t run it).

If I am in error, could you please provide instructions on how I do this? I looked on the website for a while and didn’t find instructions on how to create file archives that I can be confident I can return to 5 years or 10 years from now and be able to decrypt the files. I really wish the self-decrypting feature of 1.7 was part of 2.