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Hello Sign In,

No, you don’t have to use two passwords – at least not after an initial time where older files are upgraded to AxCrypt 2 encryption and the password you use to sign in to AxCrypt with.

So, assume you have an older file “My Secrets-txt.axx” encrypted with password “secret123” and using AxCrypt 1.7.

1) You download, install AxCrypt 2.
2) You create an account ‘’. You set a new password here, ‘!fEllive8Vibution’ (a much better one).
3) You sign in to AxCrypt two with  ‘’ and ‘!fEllive8Vibution’.
4) You try to open “My Secrets-txt.axx”.
5) You’re presented with a password prompt, because your new AxCrypt account password doesn’t work for this file.
6) You enter the old password “secret123”.
7) The file opens AND is at the same time automatically re-encrypted using AxCrypt 2 and the new password ‘!fEllive8Vibution’.

You then sign out of AxCrypt and come back a day later.

1) You double-click your “My Secrets-txt.axx” file.
2) The new AxCrypt 2 sign in window appears. You sign in with ‘!fEllive8Vibution’.
3) The file opens without any further ado, since it was automatically re-encrypted with the new password in step 7) above.