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I appreciate the potential problems but to exclude a hugely convenient function as  a result of caution is , in my opinion, too drastic. Safeguards can be included, some as simple as a warning message [or several], more steps to accept function if the folders are on “C:” and a default “off” with the option to enable, just to name a few. Encryption by nature is a risk, i.e. lose the password. I feel this added function has far more up sides than downsides.

Don’t neuter the app to make it foolproof. Impossible to do and I do not feel that should be the primary goal; efficiency and workability should be at the top of the list along side security. User beware, with any encryption app.

Option: A different version with this built in. Now the user has options. May be overkill when this function can be included as an option.

I hope you reconsider.   Thanks.



I hope you reconsider.