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Hi skipro!

I mostly agree, it’s just that I’ve been on the end of trying to explain to user that he just irrevocably destroyed both all of his files and his computer OS installation (encrypted too much + lost password). In that situation, it’s tough to have to say “well it’s at your own risk, and you made the mistake”.

So, while we can’t make it foolproof, we need to make it almost… So, all of your ideas are under consideration, and we will implement it.

The current plan is to move all options to a single page of advanced options, with some extra precautions against changing them – i.e. a warning dialog and explicit user consent by typing your password or something like that. We don’t really like options at all, but some are unavoidable and this is probably one of them.

So, we won’t need to reconsider, we just have to get to it. Right now mobile apps are taking a lot of our available development time. We’ll get there.