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Again, thank you for your attention and reply.

1st, my rant:
Encryption creates strong security only if it cannot be violated. Security and access are inversely proportional. Increase one, the other decreases, and inversely. You are paid [hopefully] to provide a dependable and NARROWEST portal possible. Why would you need to apologize for providing what is requested, an app that provides a high level of security? Strong security [encryption], loss of the portal [password], and subsequent loss of access to data/information/files are interminably entangled and an inherent risk, as in many security operations. It is not the responsibility of the encryption app or by extension, the developer, to untangle this web or diminish these risks.
Also, passwords can be securely “stored” by the user with a little imagination and/or effort.
OK, I feel better now.
An aside; convenience is secondary, which you have nicely addressed via your account approach.

My thoughts:
1) An AxCrypt lite, with a “reduced level of security disclaimer” with backdoors, retrievable passwords. With a per
retrieval fee.
2) A password retrieval or reset service, for a fee.
3) With “System” or critical OS folders and files
3a) Limit encryption on these folders and files.
3b) When encrypting these folders/files include a blizzard of warnings, “Are you sure?”, “This is dangerous.”,
“Don’t blame me.” and/or disclaimers.
4) Include general disclaimers on installation:
4a) “Use encryption at your own risk. If you cannot provide the correct password, you will not have access to
encrypted folders and/or files.”
4b) “We cannot retrieve your encrypted folders and/or files, Don’t even ask.”
4c) “Encrypting folders and files required to boot or run your operating system or any other program is
highly discouraged and can prevent access to your OS or programs.”
” Do not activate recursive encryption when encrypting folders and/or files on “C:” drive.”
5) When activating the recursive option, make them acknowledge [check off], “I accept this inherent risk”.
6) Require an extra “accept risk” click for all recursive encryption. [Not my personal favorite, cumbersome.]

I applaud you for considering this function as it is sorely missing in encryption software. Though it is usually available in drive/virtual drive/disk encryption programs, these cannot be used in many circumstances.
This would make a major improvement in an already really good program.
Hurry.  [grin]