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Hello Mark,

Yes, AxCrypt 2 works a little differently than AxCrypt 1 – but it’s essentially the same thing. Yes, we’ve moved to a “single password” model. We feel this is a much better and safer system. Please read for a longer discussion and explanation of this.

Keyfiles have also been discontinued due to very low usage, and high risk of loss.

The “never any requirement to register” is indeed from the old website concerning the old software, however it’s still true. You can run AxCrypt 2 entirely in offline mode by either denying it access to the Internet, or starting it with the –offline switch. In this case no registration is required (although we still ask you for something that looks like an email address).

We’ve made some large changes in order to increase the ease-of-use, and reduce the risk of data loss as well as encouraging the use of a single, but stronger, password.

Sometimes it’s time to rethink old ways of doing things, and this is one of the we think!