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Kirk Steinklauber

I am having some issues on MacOS Sierra and AxCrypt for Mac.  I double click to open the file and the Axcrypt icon shows for a second and then disappears.  What I do is click the AxCrypt again and it shows up without issue and then I close it.

Then I double click again my file and Axcrypt prompts my password and yes! I can open mi file.  Sometimes it fails and I repeat the previous steps until it opens.  Let’s say that’s fine but what is annoying me now is that every time I open an excel that was previously encrypted (mainly from Windows) and I edit / modify the file and save it with the changes, next time I open the file I get an error from Excel that the file is unreadable and they recover the previous version so my latest changes are basically gone.

Right now I cannot modify any excel files that are encrypted as they simple breaks (using Excel 2016).  I have not tried other file formats (text files or word documents) to confirm if it’s just with Excel or is a general problem.

Do anyone on this forum has experienced these issues like I do?