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I am also unhappy with version 2 and agree with all the complaints made here so far.

Since every complaints are made above already and the developer seems to be not wise enough to listen and to learn what has made the success of AxCrypt it’s useless to repeat and repeat the same things.

Just one last little suggestion. You should not put much afford to extend AxCrypt (not as it is in v. 2) to another platforms. Even personally I was painfully missing a good support with Android for long time already. But with the new concept of v. 2 AxCrypt is not longer interesting for me in any way. I’m not abusing free software by always using it for free. Even though I prefer to use free software. I use to donate if I like and frequently use a free software, because I understand the side of the developer too.

Bye AxCrypt – and thank you for all the good times we have had in past.