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Hello Laurent,

There is no currently known issue with passwords not working across version 1 and version 2 of AxCrypt, so there’s something else going on here.

Please be aware that when you are migrating from AxCrypt 1 to AxCrypt 2, and you have an old account on the web with us you have have different passwords to sign in and to your files.

So, when migrating, it’s intially a two step process.

1) Sign in to AxCrypt with the *same* password you use on the web. You can verify that by signing in first to . If you’ve forgotten that password, you can reset it on the site by clicking the “forgotten password”. This is will not reset the password to open files, just to access the account via the web or the app.

2) Once you’ve signed in to the app with this password, you may be prompted again for a file password if the file was encrypted with a different password than you use for the account above. If the file was an old version 1-encrypted file, and you successfully enter the correct password, the file will open *and* be automatically converted to use the new version-2 format *and* the new account password.

New AxCrypt 2-users never see or have this problem, nor will you after you have opened a file once. After that you just sign in to the app, and all works without having to enter the password until you sign out.

If this does not help, please let us know where you are stuck by posting a screen shot if you can, or by sending an email to .