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Richard long

I’m struggling since upgrading to V2. V1 was wonderful. Just wanted to let you know of a problem that shouodn’t exist and a temporary solution that at least gets around problem:

I am on Windows 10 and using EDGE as the PDF reader. I have tons of PDF files secured from version 1 and never had a problem opening them when already secured by AxCrypt. However, every file previously secured using version one fails the first time (at least the PDF ones that is). I haven’t done a lot of debugging to see if it is only PDF files or the use of EDGE, but to get around the problem simply close out the error report and click the file again. The second time always works. If you want me to try something else to more exactly define the specific problem, please let me know.

As far as initial feedback on V2, the jury is still out. I really don’t see much difference from a usage point of view that fascinates me compared to the V1 Beta I was running. I think I understand the necessity for now signing in, but it really is a pain in my case and wish there was an option to NOT be required to do so. This forum is also a little awkward in that individual posts can’t be done to report a problem forcing the user through a lot of other text not related to his/her problem. We’ve worked on problems before in the past and I trust you’ll get everything ironed out in V2 and this forum.