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Richard Long

Thanks Svante, but I have don’t agree with your answer re keeping the original/modification date and here’s why: I have a file created on, say, 1/1/2000 and encrypt it. Both have the same date. I just double-click on it opening it on 2/1/2000 to just look at it and make no changes. When I am finished and I exit application without changes, the encrypted file remains 1/1/2000 and the file inside remains 1/1/2000. All is well and exactly like I want it. Now on 3/1/2000 I double-click it to open it and now change it and SAVE in the application. When I am finished, both the file inside and the encryption date are 3/1/2000. All is like I want it. After the 2/1/2000 open my incremental backup ignores it because the name and date did not change, i.e., both inside and encryption date and encrypted file name are the same as 1/1/2000. Just like I want it to ignore it when no changes were made. However, after the 3/1 change, the encrypted file date changes to match the inside file (now changed) date and my incremental backup notices the change and does its thing. Just like it is supposed to do. So, what are you trying to say? Are you telling me after the 2/1/2000 open my backup should recognize that as a changed file even though no changes were done? And even though the date remained 1/1/2000 it is really different in some way? I don’t understand your explanation.

Thanks for letting me know about standalone version. However, strangely, I made sure I decrypted all the files in question before going back to V1. Then I encrypted them within V1. After that I got the error. So, this explanation doesn’t the problem unless the actual inside file is altered too.  Am I correct? However, what might have occurred is that when I went back to V1 and encrypted, I did NOT have KEEP ORIGINAL DATE turned on. So the encrypted date differed from the original inside file date. Now I set KEEP on. then I tried to open one of the files and got the error. Regardless, I had backups of all encrypted files and restored them and back running.

I’m curious as to your KEEP original timestamp date explanation compared to my example. Are we looking at things the same or am I still missing something?