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Richard Long

“I should stress that there *is* one situation where AxCrypt 2 actually does update the encrypted file, even though you as a user only decrypt and open it without the intent to modify it. This is the situation described earlier, when you open a V1-encrypted file with V2. In this case, V2 will re-encrypt the file in the background in order to update it to V2.”

Ahhhh. So, when I opened a V1 encrypted file (say, inside=encrypted =3/19/2016 because I set registry to KeepTimeStamp=1) on 11/20/2016, even though I just viewed it, V2 changed the encrypted timestamp to 11/20/2016. Is this what you are saying? If so, not nice for my file management. I really wanted it kept as 3/19/2016.

Anyway, if I understand now, from the time V2 is installed any NEW files I create, say on 11/21/2016 I created one, thus inside=encrypted=11/21/2016, will, according to your description, KEEP the encrypted date=11/21/2016 if later I just open it for review or simply decrypt it and not modify inside file. Right? In other words it behaves like KeepTimeStamp=1 on V1. Do I have it correct now?

So, if I install V2 and want to maintain V1 encrypted date, i.e., NOT have V2 change it the first time opened and NOT modified, is there a way to do this? If not, can’t we have an option to tell V2 to maintain the V1 encryption date even though it changes to V2 encrypted file?