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We’re getting there ;-)

Let’s repeat it again – the V1 “keep time stamp option” *only* affects the situation where you take an unencrypted plain-text file and encrypt. It has no effect on the behavior when opening an already encrypted file.

Your file management will work as it should in the one situation described where V2 will actually update the encrypted file, even if you as a user only open it to view it. This is because the file *has* changed, and thus *should* be backed up again. Even if the file inside has not.

There are three situations that you should understand:

  1. You encrypt a previously unencrypted file, say “file.txt” to “file-txt.axx”. This is the only situation where V1 and V2 behavior differs as a result of the V1 “keep file stamp” option.
  2. You open an already V1-encrypted file with V2 the first time. This is when the encrypted file is actually updated, even if you do not actually modify and save the unecrypted file when you view it.
  3. You open an already V1-encrypted file with V1, or you open an already V2-encrypted file with V2 and you do not modify it. In this case the encrypted file, and it’s time stamp, will remain unchanged because the encrypted file is not changed.