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João Carvalho


I’m going against the flow here: I would like to have the option to automatically login without me having to type in the password.

I’m using AxCrypt to encrypt the files in the cloud only, my local files are already secure enough and I never leave my computer unattended without being locked. I frequently lock/unlock/reboot my windows session/computer and it pains me to have to login every time on top of the windows login.

There are different opinions and usage scenarios and I think the way to go is to make AxCrypt flexible enough to address the relevant ones. Setting up options to change how AxCrypt behaves on this matter would be a significant step to reach a wider variety of users, including the more advanced ones. These kind of login mode options could be configured in advanced settings not to scare or confuse new users with complexity.

As to questions like “if an automatic login is in place, then the password would have to be stored somewhere outside the program and could potentially be insecure, accessed and defeat the whole purpose of encryption”:
True that it would open the door for some security considerations but the option can be off by default and accompanied by text explaining the potential consequences and vulnerabilities, leaving the choice and responsability ultimately to the user.
It can even be simpler then that and just allow the program to launch or be controlled with the user/password as command line parameters with no changes to the GUI options, leaving the burden to secure the command line launch to the user.