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Richard Long


So, you are telling me that when I installed AxCrypt 2 and told I needed an account I should have assigned a password equal to my passphrase of my V1 files? Then when I get to step 66 in your dialog to sign in I would simply give that password=passphrase and will never be asked again for a pass phrase while I am still in session. Correct? Did I miss an installation piece of documentation that described this, specifically, to make my ACCOUNT password = my V1 Passphrase? I am assuming since I had both a password for AxCrytpt signin and a different passphrase that is why I received two prompts for the first file opened in a new session? Because the second prompt never notified me that the file I was opening did not have a matching passphrase as the one I entered on the signin, I assumed naturally that the ACCOUNT signin was UNIQUE from the passphrase and I was now supposed to enter the FILE passphrase which could be unique itself from other files I have. For example, I could have one passphrase for spreadsheets and another for word documents and a third for stock confirmations, etc. Why would I do such a thing? I personally wouldn’t, but a secretive person, maybe one with different levels of security, say confidential versus top secret, might want this. In this case the account sigin password would NOT suffice s a file passphrase and an additional prompt would be required.

I guess I missed the instructional text that explained all this. Especially that normally I should make the ACCOUNT password equal to to V1 file passphrase. I hope you can now understand some of the confusion. But, personally, I do NOT want to put my local file passphrase out on the Internet.