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Richard Long


Thank’s for summary. I understand it all now as you have explained, however, I do not agree that V1 timestamp should change for situation 22 above. It’s this situation after a V2 intall over a V1 that ran for years and years where hundreds or thousands of file were encrypted and have the timestamps=inside file timestamps and that I depend on them to be equal for searching reasons., in addition to backup schemes. I can understand that you think that for backup reasons that are dependent on timestamps to decide whether to backup or not that in order to get the V2 encrypted representation of the originally V1 encrypted file backed up, I need a new timestamp equal to the time it was opened, modified or not. But what is the harm of NOT backing up this old V1, now opened by V2? The inside file is still the same. yes? It sounds that somewhere in the encryption itself there is a designator that it has become V2 encryption and that is why you are indicating that it is still modified even if only opened for view. If this is the case, the issue becomes why is it important to flag this as newly encrypted V2 requiring a timestamp change from that of V1 case? If left alone, all would work again next time it is viewed, and on and on until the inside file is actually modified. Is it not the case now that in your implementation, the file BECOMES V2 always, thus, rendering it useless on another system where V1 is running? I know, the new design is to make it easier to mange across platforms. But, I have an old XP system where V1 is installed and now I must be careful not to put a newly encrypted V1 file on it replacing the file I already have there encrypted actually by V1. Maybe an alternate design where V2 changes the SUFFIX from .axx to something else would have made it clearer and easier than changin timestamps. Just my thoughts. I do now understand how V2 works (I think) and know for new users it will be as excellent as V1.

Just to clarify. If I have NO V1 files, V2 encryption and the setting of timestamps will ALWAYS work like V1 did with KeeptimeStamp=1. Correct?