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Richard Long

Oh. So if I never had a V1 file and start new with only V2 files I would see ONLY the signin prompt which would be the online account signin and the file encryption/decryption code (ABC in example). So, now all my V2 files are accessible via the ABC signin password. If I have 10 files that way and now change my signin password to DEF and encrypt/decrypt 5 new files, would I now be able to access the first 10 also with just DEF signin? In other words, ABC is forgotten and never ever used again and never was attached to any specific file? So, for V2 the signin password is King and regardless of the number of times it is changed, all V2 files are accessible with current signin password. Am I getting there?

But for V1 files, I of course need the V1 PassPhrase the FIRST time I access them using V2. It’s only for V1 files that I receive an additional prompt for it. After that, it becomes V2 and once signed in via signin password I’m not asked again ever for the PassPhrase. It’s starting to sound comprehensible now.

Let’s consider all the above PART 1. Do I now have Part 1 correct?

Now begins Part 2 clarification re TimeStamps in V1 only with KeepTomeStamp=1 set:

FACT 1: After testing I discovered if I double-click to open OR first decrypt then open to application, the subsequent encryption date changes ONLY when the inside file is actually modified; plus, every time it is modified in this way, both the inside file timestamp and the encrypted timestamp become the new date modified. Neither the inside nor encryption date changes if not modified.

Conclusion: KeepTimeStamp=1 works as I expected and satisfies both my incremental backup scheme AND allows the dates to be used for my backward searching for file by specific date. I like V1 implementation.

FACT 1: As I think I now understand V2, The timestamp of the encrypted file, not necessarily the inside file unless modified, always changes to the date the encrypted file is double-clicked OPEN or decrypted. The inside file date will only change when modified.

Conslusion: I will no longer be able to backward search for an inside file date by using the encryption date. Plus, even though I might not change the inside file, it will always be backed up depending on the new Encryption date.

And you may have thought old dogs could not learn new tricks. Unfortunately, I opt for V1 unless I decide to go back over 15+ years of saved files and change the names to include a meaningful timestamp.  What do you say re Part 2 analysis?

Final Conclusion. If I were a new user of AxCrypt 2 I’d jump to use your product. I have always been satisfied with AxCrypt and certainly appreciated your excellent support. Except for those V1 users who manage files like I do for both back and searching backward in time, which I would say are slim at most, I would also jump onto V2. Unfortunately for those V1 users who have a file management scheme like me, a little more work overall must be considered. I could probably come up with a new file management scheme and employ it in days if desired. thanks for allowing me to understand what I have to do.

Please tell me I have it correct now :-)