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Hi Savante,

I manage IT for a small business, and downloaded Axcrypt 2.x on our CEO’s laptop without realizing it was a newer version than the rest of our machines. She eventually found out how to access the 1.x encrypted files once she set up her own ID and password, at which point the files’ existing 1.x-applied passwords were overwritten using her ID-linked password, as you’ve described.

However, we do NOT want the passwords overwritten with her new ID-linked password. Many files we have encrypted are for use by different employees, with different security levels.

Now, I’ve tried to decrypt and re-encrypt the file using the right security level of password, but when I re-encrypt the file it doesn’t ask for a password to be set. (I have downloaded 2.x on my machine for testing.)

At this point I can’t even check what the passwords stored for the files are, since it seems ANY encrypted file opens without a password now that I’m logged in with my ID.

We are currently using the free version. Is it possible to encrypt a file with a password using the 2.x free version?

This was such a great, simple software in 1.x, and I’m sorry that in adding these new features in 2.x you’ve lost the simplicity of the original form. If you’ve done this deliberately to encourage more users to purchase Premium, that’s disappointing but understandable, and unfortunately it’s not my call to purchase or not.

Many thanks for your help.