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Hi Svante,

I’m adding my voice to this thread because I have a similar issue as my fellow customer, and wanted to help make this a red flag that you’re losing captive users who will be reverting to 1.x because the functionality isn’t available in Axcrypt 2.x.

I’m going to copy the email that I was just writing to support, as I understand it will not be prioritized regardless:

I’ve dug through your forums, and realized this issue I’m bringing up seems to have been a deliberate choice.

In short – at our company, we have at least 4 levels of security required, with different passwords. We usually work on separate computers but have a shared server where all our files are stored, with different passwords encrypted in 1.x free.

Now that Axcrypt 2.x has been installed on two of our machines, whenever an 1.x encrypted file is opened, as you’ve described in your support forums, the password appears to be overwritten with the user’s password.

This eliminates our crucial security clearance levels. If I have to give an employee my password – which unlocks ALL our encrypted files – to open their specific file, then the encryption is null for our purposes.

Is there the capability with Axcrypt’s 2.x free version to encrypt files with a specific password, that is DIFFERENT from the user’s email/ID-linked password?

If the answer is no, I have to find a reliable source to download the 1.x software – any recommendations of such sources are really greatly appreciated, or if you’re providing it on your website and I just haven’t seen it, please do share the link.

In removing or burying this functionality in Premium, you’ve removed a core function of Axcrypt and basically why we, and I can imagine many other companies with multiple security levels, use the service.

That said, I can imagine you may not care too much about losing free users, but it’s a real shame.

If you agree, I earnestly request you provide the functionality to password-protect encrypted files with a chosen password in the free version. The community will thank you.

Thank you for creating such useful software. I hope I can continue to use it.