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Thanks for that.  I am fine with the desktop reasoning, but as you say: ‘it’ll stay signed in until you sign out, or the screen saver goes active, or the device goes to sleep…’.  But with the iOS device it does not do that: it stays active ‘forever’ ie for days on end, even if the phone is not used.  I must say I would prefer to have some depth of security, not just sole reliance on phone access.

I’ll have to look harder for the method of ‘explicitly sign out of the app’…..(or maybe you are referring to the iOS double-tap-swipe?).  I thought that the ‘key icon’ might logically do the job, but that’s the web sign-in.  Ah, found it at the bottom of the menu page…

Since I use LastPass and SpiderOak with iOS I guess that I have got too used to the ‘always re-authenticate’ regime!

Even if fingerprint was not enabled, even a PIN would be great.

Still, its great to have iOS access back again!