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Thank you for the response.  Yes I did read “leaving-computer-axcrypt” and I do understand your point of view. But I think it is flawed in some settings. For example in a small office setting. There is no way I’m going to log out of windows or manually log out of AxCrypt every time I get up from my desk; it’s just not going to happen. My building is secure and I trust that my co-workers are not going to hack my PC with a key-logger or anything of that nature, but if somebody stumbled on my private files they might read them for the heck of it. To me that is a valid situation to have a file prompt for a password every time it is accessed. And that is not just making me “feel safer”, it is protecting me from the much more real threat of a “casual breech”, as opposed to a malicious hacker type breech.  Calling this a “dangerous feature” is a bit ridiculous in this context.

I’d suggest implementing the ‘prompt for password every time’ option on a per-file basis, so this additional level of security can be applied only to a single file if desired. Personally I’m only encrypting a single file which is shared over the internet through OneDrive. It contains passwords and other personal data that I wouldn’t want a coworker to see. I understand this is not the use model that you are targeting, but it’s probably how a lot of your users are using it…

Anyways, I appreciate the response, and being that I’m currently using the free version of the software I’m certainly not going to complain about whatever features are added or not added… either way it’s better than other encryption solutions I’ve tried, so thank you for your hard work.