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Thank you Lucas, and a Merry Christmas to you!

I didn’t realise that MS Office had built-in encryption.  That is probably my best bet.

Currently I store my passwords, user names, memorable information on a Word (table) document.  It’s amazing how this grows over time.

I’ve used AxCrypt1 to encrypt the table. I didn’t have too many problems on my old XP computer, however on my latest computer with Windows 10 AxCrypt1 wouldn’t always save changes I made to the table and I’d get a warning box stating something like “The document couldn’t be saved because of a file error and would you like to retry”.  I discovered recently that after entering information, trying to save, receiving the error message and retrying to save that the error message did not reappear, indicating that the table had been saved.  However, and this is the really annoying part, the new information had not be stored.

I did give KeePass a trial some years ago.  Agreed it was very good at creating passwords especially as it used lots of special keys.  The only drawback was that when one of these long, difficult passwords was created and copied to the clipboard some web sites would not allow pasting into the respective box.  This was very annoying and I found that I was having to manually write down the password on a piece of paper, then enter it into the box and quite often I’d inject my own errors into the procedure, so I gave up on it.

Thanks once again