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Hi Lucas.  I am not sure if you work for AxCrypt, but I lot of your posts seem orientated towards pust a number of us long-term-users away from the product.  Is it a stated policy of Svante that ‘AxCrypt is geared towards users who store data in Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive’?.  Wow! I thought that it was/is a great product for a user even if they had no use for cloud storage or synchronisation!

I have used AxCrypt for many years and it used to do exactly what I wanted.  That included just-what-I wanted iOS and OSX integration.  I have a great deal of loyalty (and faith) in the product.

You put down the guy who had users sharing one login – pushing him towards MS Office file passwords.  But why not let him continue to propose a configuration of AxCrypt that suits his use?  At least Svante has the right to consider such suggestions from users.

That said, it looks like the direction that is going will longer suit my use, so I had better butt out….