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Paul Reed

Thank you for your reply & patience Svante.

The issue I’m struggling with is that you say;
” you can decrypt your AxCrypt files at any time, with or without Internet, and with or without our servers or our business being operational.” and
” You can *always* decrypt a file if you have the software and know the password that was used when the file was encrypted.”

Yet, let’s assume that your business becomes non-operational, then how could we install the software (or run the portable version) to decrypt data, as we would be unable to obtain a 6 digit verification code from your servers?

Of course I realise that it’s unlikely that I wouldn’t have a registered installed copy of your software, BUT that’s more or less what happened with Cloudfogger;
Cloudfogger stopped their servers without anyone knowing, and it was some weeks later when I upgraded to Windows 10 that I reinstalled a ‘local saved version’ of their software, and found that without their servers being operational I couldn’t decrypt my data, and lost everything.