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Hi Paul,

Trust, but verify, right?

AxCrypt (the client) will fallback to offline mode even during first time registration if our servers are unavailable, for whatever reason (no Internet, we’re out of business, we’re under attack etc).

So, if this happens, we’ll generate an AxCrypt ID (the key pair) offline, and at the first opportunity (if ever) we’ll synchronize with the server and update the key pair at both ends. If our servers are never reached, it all works without them. You just need to know the password used to encrypt older files. If it’s different from the one you set during the offline registration, you’ll be prompted for the file password.

Here are a few screen shots from AxCrypt being installed from scratch on a computer where the DNS name resolution was modified so that ‘’ (our server) went to empty space – i.e. the same effect as if our servers are down and non-responsive. The same thing happens if DNS cannot resolve the name at all, or if the connection is blocked by a firewall, or if your computer just does not have Internet connectivity.

After entering an email in the dialog you show (that just has to ‘look’ like an email), you come directly here, no prompt for verification code:

After entering the email, you come directly here.

Then, after setting a password, we’ll generate a 4096-bit RSA key pair locally. This takes time.:

Finally, after signing in, it’s as usual – but you’re offline. Check the title bar.

Now all works as normal, except you’re offline and your key pair is locally generated. But you can still open any file as long as you know the password originally used. As mentioned – the key pair is used for convenience and for the key sharing feature, when you share encrypted files with other recipients.

As mentioned, as long as you have the software and know the password, you do not need our servers to even exist on the Internet, much less any Internet connection at all in order to continue to use AxCrypt.

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  • This reply was modified 1 year, 9 months ago by  Svante.