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Hello Frank,

Thank you for the information, but while I’m sure you had a problem, this unlikely to be the same issue. AxCrypt 1 (the old version) is entirely written in C++/Win32. AxCrypt 2 (the new version) is written in C#/.NET. The error message is caused by a .NET component having problems. The old version had no components shared with .NET, and installed no system components that could be shared.

In short – it’s really hard to see any way that a problem with AxCrypt 1 – broken or not, could affect AxCrypt 2. However, a broken installation of AxCrypt 2 could certainly cause similar symptoms.

What probably fixed it for you was the reinstall of AxCrypt 2, as probably the original installation was broken for whatever reason.

Installing AxCrypt 2 over AxCrypt 1 is a supported scenario and will normally work just fine.