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I didn’t realise AxCrypt 2 portable didn’t require installation, my mistake. I knew the portable edition existed but I’m sticking with 1.7 because of the self-decrypting feature.

“So, if you just please explain just how you use the self-decrypting feature, and just what it is about it that is so attractive, perhaps we can come up with a way to satisify everyone?”

I’ll answer this from my perspective. Hopefully DragonTear will give his/her feedback on it as well.

  1. I use self-decrypting files because the recipient doesn’t need AxCrypt
  2. Some of my friends don’t have installation rights but they can run the self-decrypting EXE
  3. The recipient doesn’t have to run (or install) AxCrypt
  4. The recipient needs less technical skill. Double-click, enter password and it’s done
  5. Your argument* that an EXE can “contain any level of bad” seems circular to me. Basically even a normal .AXX file is encrypted and can only be scanned by AV software once the file has been successfully decrypted? The same applies for the EXE file surely?
  6. I normally upload the file to Droplr. It’s like Dropbox but is primarily for sharing screenshots and GIFs however you can also upload and share any file. You can then share a public or private link with your friend. He clicks the link, downloads the AxCrypt self-decrypting file and that’s it. I have no difficulties sharing EXE files.
  7. My other use for the self-decrypting file is for sticking private files on a USB for backup or for opening on another computer. It’s secure, doesn’t require me to have AxCrypt installed and I can use it on almost any computer.
  8. Rarely I’ll be asked to send something by post. I’ll encrypt the file, burn it to DVD and post it. Then if it’s lost I don’t need to worry about my data being viewed by a thief. I send the password via WhatsApp (which itself is encrypted).

<p style=”text-align: left;”>*”Since it by definition contains strongly encrypted information, for example another executable software, it is impossible to screen by anti virus software. It can literally contain any level of bad.”</p>

<p style=”text-align: left;”>If AxCrypt reintroduced the self-decrypting feature in version 2, or somehow allowed a user to bundle an AXX into the portable edition so that it’s a single file, then I’d make the switch to version 2. I’d even pay for AxCrypt Premium as it has features that I want, like AES-256.</p>
<p style=”text-align: left;”>Someone on here recommended BCArchive and that does all the same stuff as AxCrypt 1.7 and AxCrypt 2. The only difference is it’s free. I prefer AxCrypt as it’s simpler to use than BCArchive but the lack of a self-decrypting feature in version 2 is a deal-breaker.</p>