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Hi Nathan,

Thanks for the feedback!

I’m thinking that it’s quite a bit about the perception – not the actual situation here. The recipient does need AxCrypt, in all situaitons, it’s just with the “self-decrypting” your perception is that you don’t need AxCrypt – because it’s “self-derypting”. In actual fact it’s still AxCrypt, it’s just a version of AxCrypt that has the data tacked on at the end of itself and reads it from there.

In fact, if you have 10 “self-decrypting” files, you have 10 copies of AxCrypt on your computer. But, yes, I get how it is seen.

We were hoping that users in most cases would see the benefit of the fully-featured portable version instead of the severly stripped down and limited “decrypt only” function of the “self-decrypting” files.

Perhaps we should improve in our communication of how the portable version works, to better explain how it really is a substitute. We’ve also considered making ‘zip-packages’ of encrypted files with the portable AxCrypt included in the archive.

Let’s hope to hear from more users, although this thread is a bit off topic now. I’ll discuss internally to add a another main forum for “Feature Requests”.