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It’s equally impractical to type in a secure (long, random, alphanumeric with symbols) encryption password each time. If your password doesn’t conform with the above criteria then it isn’t secure.

What you’re asking for can be done very easily. Lock your screen whenever you leave your workstation unattended. When unlocking your screen you’ll be prompted to enter your AxCrypt password when you next go to unlock a file.

There’s really no reason for the feature you’re asking for because it doesn’t make you more secure. It might make you feel more secure but that’s a false perception.

If you’re leaving your screen unattended and unlocked then a malicious party can easily siphon your password by a key logger, malware etc. AxCrypt’s lack of prompt is the least of your problems.

If you’re locking your screen then the problem you mention is solved. You’ll be prompted for not only your screen password but your AxCrypt password.

If you’re worried about multiple users then you’re doing it wrong. Every user should have their own user account otherwise they can circumvent the encryption via the means suggested above: key loggers etc.

What is it you’re seeking to achieve by being forced enter your password each time?