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I haven’t turned it into an argument. I just can’t understand why you think it’ll make you more secure but if you’re the type who prefers “security theater” then great. It won’t make you any more secure – in fact it’ll make you less secure because you’ll be lulled into a false sense of security and thereby fail to take more pragmatic steps to securing my system. But, as you imply, that’s not my problem.

Your information security practices will ultimately undermine your security but, hey, at least you’ll feel safe.

On a final note your wish will soon be granted. If you’d looked through the forum you’d have found this:

“We will be adding an option for “require password every time”, since it is such a frequent request. We really don’t agree with this, since we think it encourages other unsafe practices such as sharing a Windows Login between different users – even in a family. Nevertheless, it seems like the line of least resistance ;-)”