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Actually Dale in respect of your comment “a screen saver is not sufficient to prevent someone with physical access to a drive from delete files, moving them, copying them etc” you’re wrong. A screensaver is sufficient to prevent someone with physical access for two reasons:

  1. Windows includes device encryption, turned on by default, for all Home users. Business users get BitLocker. Both products prevent somebody with physical access circumventing the screensaver. Long gone are the days when you could boot into another OS with a CD/DVD/USB and access the home directory. Nor you can you remove the password from the user account from a system with device encryption.
  2. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, i.e. assuming that device encryption was not in use, then having physical access to the device (assuming that a locked screensaver was in use) would not be sufficient to bypass AxCrypt because in order to do so you’d need to restart the computer or somehow log out of the current account. By doing either of the foregoing you’d destroy AxCrypt’s temporarily saved encryption key.

You’ve yet to give a feasible scenario where your suggested feature would make the user more secure. This isn’t being ‘sanctimonious’, it’s called being ‘pragmatic’. Of course you’re entitled to suggest features but I’m more interested in hearing your rationale.

I’ve only been working in various information security roles for 30 years so what do I know.