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Hey, Dale and Brian and everyone else!

This is your friendly lead developer of AxCrypt and sometimes moderator. We’d like to keep this a nice and helpful part of the Internet.

I think your discussion is definititely helpful and full of valid views and input from all sides, but sometimes frustration over not feeling one or the other getting the point across shows in the language used. I’m stepping in now, not because this thread has derailed, but to keep it from doing so.

Let’s all respect each others opinions, and we can all learn from a discussion like this.

I’ll refrain from adding any comments on the actual issue – I think I’ve expressed them earlier and elsewhere.

Just one thing on this kind of discussion; just because I or the team has expressed an opinion at one time or another, doesn’t mean we can’t change, tweak or even reverse our position on an issue. Which already has happened on this issue, to a large degree because of discussions like this one.

So, keep it coming from all sides, but let’s all stay nice people! We all have a common goal, to protect our information confidentiality and personal integrity in various ways, where AxCrypt is hopefully one piece of the puzzle.

Thanks all to contributing here! We want this to be a community where we all can learn and contribute, and we as the team behind AxCrypt want to keep adapting and improving AxCrypt as result of the discussions here.