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you wrote “Apart from there being some undisclosed ‘practical reason’ for not locking your screen (in which case you’ve rendered AxCrypt and any other encryption product useless)”, and this is faulty for two reasons.  1) ver. 1 had this functionality so there was logic to have it, and 2) once again you are ignoring the inherent security that is given when every file requires the password to open.  Regardless if you lock the screen when you step away, whether it auto locks, whether your hard drive is stolen, laptop is stolen, or aliens use some incredibly advanced tech to crack the lockscreen/screensaver.  By requiring the password every time, the files can not be accidentally opened, regardless of the reason(s).  I do not know why you are so against the added level of security that ver. 1 had.

This back and forth is moot due to the fix that will soon allow every file to require a password to open, which is what the customers want.