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Dale, the reason it existed in 1.7 is because:

  • computers didn’t use full disk encryption
  • the encryption was asymmetric and AxCrypt worked differently

Actually you’re wrong when you say:

“By requiring the password every time, the files can not be accidentally opened, regardless of the reason(s).”

It still is possible to extract the AxCrypt encryption key from your system if you leave your screen unlocked.

“I do not know why you are so against the added level of security that ver. 1 had.”

Because some people will be lulled into a false sense of security and not take sensible precautions to protect themselves.

“This back and forth is moot due to the fix that will soon allow every file to require a password to open, which is what the customers want.”

If it ever gets added. Only a handful of people have asked for it from what I can gather and the lead developer has openly said it won’t increase your security in his post.