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“It’s simply not accurate to suggest that Windows isn’t encrypted – it is”

Your posts now leave me seriously doubting as to whether or not you are trolling this thread Brian.

Is the above serious claim? Did you read the post you linked to?  The bit about hardware?  Do you have any idea the vast numbers of people who are right this moment running versions of Widows 7 versions alone which don’t have encryption of their data enabled? No encryption and thus no protection against someone with physical access to their drive, screen saver password or no screen saver password?

If you really do work in the field of data security,  then your inability to understand the usage scenarios explained here,  apparent lack of awareness over security issues, and your estimations of users such as Peter and myself (apparently as incapable of evaluating the implications of the features we have requested!) are quite astonishing. If that is the case I can only hope for the sake of your customers your contribtions here are part of some warped awareness raising exercise.

Developers, thanks for adding this functionality.