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I’m afraid to say that I think you’re trolling, not me, because of your inability or wilful refusal to comprehend my posts. There doesn’t seem to be a language barrier either.

You are criticising the lead developer (Svante) by suggesting that he can’t evaluate security when he has said the reason this hasn’t been added is because it doesn’t make you more secure.

You said, again entirely incorrectly,

Do you have any idea the vast numbers of people who are right this moment running versions of Widows 7 versions alone which don’t have encryption of their data enabled? No encryption and thus no protection against someone with physical access to their drive, screen saver password or no screen saver password?

I earlier said that this made no difference but you chose to ignore it:

 “So even on a very old system without Device Encryption if somebody had physical access to the machine and restarted the system (to close down the screensaver) and reset the user account password (you can’t do that nowadays!) they still wouldn’t be able to access your AxCrypt files because AxCrypt would have destroyed the encryption keys from memory and you’d have to sign back in.”

^ Simple explanation: Windows 7 users are still safe.

Dale, you personify the reason why it’s important to protect users from themselves.

You simply don’t have even a basic knowledge of encryption or system security, which is fine, but, you then try to belittle those who do (including the lead developer) by suggesting they don’t know what they’re talking about and failing to read answers to your questions.

If you’re going to ask questions please be respectful and you’ll find people more forthcoming.