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(This post has been edited by a moderator since it contains personal references irrelevant to the issue at hand)

(redacted) Im going to repeat the information /claims I have posted here (redacted)

1) There exist PC users who a) need the ‘unlock each time’ security feature requested here b) dont want to or cant for some reason use a screen saver password, 3) Are savvy enough to understand the limitations and extent of the additional security this measure provides (that this does not provide the same type of security as a screen saver password, etc etc )and that in these users cases the ‘false sense of security leads to reduced security’ rationale (redacted), therefore does not apply.

2) An above described ‘savvy’ user  encrypting their files using Axcrypt (and, yes, not using a screen saver) has better security for this data than the same user not encypting their files (again, the user is not using a screen saver password).

3) A screen saver with password alone is not sufficient to prevent somebody with physical access to your hard drive from operating on or taking the data on your drive.  Additional security measures are required (Drive encryption, data encryptonn, drive locking, etc) ,

4) The security measures in 3. above are not activated by default in a number of operating systems. For users who’s operating systems are not running these additional measures,   someone with physical access to their drives can potentially operate on their data.

(redacted) which, if any, of the above are (redacted) false?




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