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  • Who will benefit from “the ‘unlock each time’ security feature”?
  • Give me an example of why somebody wouldn’t or “cant for some reason use a screen saver password”
  •      If the answer is that it’s not their computer then AxCrypt won’t provide any protection anyway.
  • What the benefit of the ‘unlock each time’ feature would be for users who “savvy enough to understand the limitations and extent”?
  •      If somebody truly understands the limitations and extent they’ll realise that requiring ‘unlock each time’ will not give them any extra security.
  • Why is a “screen saver with password alone is not sufficient to prevent somebody with physical access to your hard drive from operating on or taking the data on your drive.”
  •      How could you bypass the screensaver without AxCrypt destroying your encryption keys from memory? Restarting your computer (which is the only way to bypass the Windows lock screen or screensaver on any version of Windows) will result in the password being required by AxCrypt.
  • The security measures “above are not activated by default in a number of operating systems”.
  •      So what? AxCrypt has built-in protection against this. Once the screensaver is deactivated AxCrypt will require the password. You don’t need full disk encryption, device locking etc. to benefit from AxCrypt’s protection.
  • How can “someone with physical access to their drives can potentially operate on their data” considering the protections AxCrypt put in place?

(Edited) Please give a credible scenario and examples of how it can be bypassed.

(Edited) Referring to Svante’s article previously quoted, what parts are debatable?


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